Slendertone Reviews
Slendertone Reviews

Slendertone Reviews

Theses days, there seems to be a lot of skepticism when a new type of product is developed, especially in the fitness world. If it doesn’t have to do with backbreaking work, sweaty bouts at the gym, and endless dieting, people simply don’t see it working out. Then again, once every few years, a product comes out that changes everything. One of these products is known as the Slendertone.

The Slendertone uses what is called EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology in order to build muscle. This type of technology has been used for years in physical therapy when a patient was unable to keep a muscle from atrophy due to an injury. The EMS would cause those muscles to contract and relax without needing any sort of movement or work on the part of the patient. This rhythm of contraction and relaxation causes the muscle to tone and build, thus avoiding atrophy. According to most Slendertone reviews, this technology works like a charm.

What Is the Slendertone?

A Slendertone Flex is a belt that has three gel pads attached on the inside. The user puts on the belt with the electric transmitting gel pads contacting the skin. Then the user makes the intensity and frequency selection, and the device begins to work. Through the EMS tech, you will begin to notice that your muscles are working without you having to do crunches or engage in any kind of activity. Over time, this routine will cause the muscles to build. When muscles are built, it naturally metabolizes the fat. Hence, you get a slimmer, sexier waistline.

The Reasons To Buy

This is where several of the Slendertone reviews have helped, in that we wanted to see how the product was doing by the customer. When we searched, we found a few interesting Slendertone reviews that sparked our interest.

Among most of them, they almost constantly refer to the beginning. When they first purchased the product and started using it, some said that it was a bit intense. Theyactually felt tired after using the Slendertone. However, most positive reviews referred to the convenience that the device offered.

There was one of the many Slendertone reviews that thoroughly impressed us. It was by a man who could not work out, due to a physical injury:

“For those people like myself that do suffer from physical problems, these devices can be an absolute godsend. “ (Username, Orange Crush from

Also, another user review caught our attention:

“When I first started using the belt, I had been suffering chronic back pain due to very weak back muscles, and after using the belt for the first week, my back pain was completely gone and I was feeling much better overall.” (Chris from

This device seems to be a favorite among those with injuries. These Slendertone reviews have said that product works without their effort, and that is definitely something to consider.

How To Buy

If you are looking to buy a Slendertone belt, then be sure to go right to the Slendertone USA website. This website will give you more facts about what you need to know about the belt. In addition to that, you can receive weight loss and fitness coaching and programs. The belt can be purchased on there for around $100 and there are loads of other items there that might interest you or your family.


This product has impressed us on multiple occasions when we did our research. Now, granted, it is not going to give you a six-pack after a week and no exercise whatsoever. But, that is not the original intended use of the product in the first place.

If you simply don’t have time to do crunches or you are incapable of doing them, then this will keep your muscles toned. If you are already working out, then this device will get you where you need to go in less time. Now you can be yet another one of the many satisfied Slendertone reviews.