Slendertone Face
Slendertone Face

Slendertone Face

Many of you probably already know about the Slendertone Flex, but did you know that there was such a thing called the Slendertone Face? I’m sure you’ve already had a pretty good guess at what it does. It employs the same type of technology, except it works on your facial muscles instead. What inspired this branch off the original product line?

The “facelift” industry has been dabbling in electro stimulation technology for the past few years, but it seems as if the Slendertone franchise might be carving out a piece of the pie. The interesting part about this system is just how advanced it is.


The Slendertone Face is a revolutionary new product line on a rather older concept. Basically, Slendertone has been working on ab and butt muscles with their electro shock stimulation pads. These pads basically cause a contraction and relaxation of those muscles, which tones them over time. This technology apparently worked so well that Slendertone decided that they wanted to employ the same type of technology by getting those electro transmitter gel pads on your face. The system is extremely advanced with several personalized settings for the exact effect that you want.

The Benefits

In essence, this device shocks your face into shape. That might be an interesting way to put it, but it basically causes your facial muscles to contract and relax, eventually toning them over time. The principle behind this has apparently been very affective during several clinical tests.

These tests concluded that the effectiveness of electrical stimulation caused an effectiveness rating up into the high 80%. These subjects said that their faces felt firmer, their faces were more toned, and their faces felt more lifted. The interesting part is that your face is doing all the lifting, instead of an injection doing it for you.

Another one of the biggest benefits about this product is the fact that you can do this right in your own home. You don’t have to go to anywhere else but your own bathroom, bedroom, living room, whatever room, as long as it’s yours.

Also, these cosmetic surgeries and treatments can cost a fortune, but something like this might be a bit pricy up front, but after that, it’s all yours. The Slendertone Face is one of the most effective facial treatment options you can ever use.

Where Can I Buy?

That is the interesting question. Buying the Slendertone Face get’s a little tricky, but the best place to go is right to the official Slendertone USA website. You will not see this product on here, but you will see contact information for the sales department. Simply ask them, and they will refer you to an expert. Now, do be prepared to spend about $430; give or take. This unit is expensive, but the reason why it is privy is because it simply does the job. You won’t have to get another face treatment for the rest of your life. You can kiss goodbye to injections and surgery. The solution is right in your own home.


This product is not something that is cheap. You won’t be able to order it for $19.99 and I’m not sure why you would. You want a product that works, and usually, low dollar items will not give the results you expect. This device will, as was tested over and over again. The Slendertone Face is one of the best face lifting products ever made, and it will do what you expect it to. The cons are because of the price and its low availability. The folks at Slendertone need to step up production. The pros are that the Slendertone Face works and will keep working with proven technology. You can’t go wrong when something simply works.

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