Abs Circle Pro
Abs Circle Pro

Abs Circle Pro

There are no shortage of abs workout equipment out there, which has almost made doing crunches and sit-ups obsolete. Those two techniques only serve to hamper progress and cause other parts of your body to ache. While they do build character, they do not build nearly the amount of muscle necessary to justify doing them. That is why we decided to do this Abs Circle Pro workout review. What sparked our interest was the sheer mass of other happy customers that experienced insane weight loss from this system. That would lead us to believe that the manufacturer is genuine, the product is well designed, and the quality is where it needs to be.

Introducing: About the Abs Circle Pro

The Abs Circle Pro is a device where the user moves laterally, side-to-side, working his or her abs oblique area, and forward absdominal midsection. The beauty of this device is the fact that it is very low impact. As opposed to most cardio workout machines, you are not impacting your knees, back, or hips. The only impact is on your abss, which is exactly where you want it.

The Abs Circle Pro is essentially a giant red disk with two handlebars on the opposing side to the user. The user grips the handlebars and places his or her knees on the pads. In a swinging motion, the user moves side to side on the disk.

Advantages of the System

Again, the inherent beauty of this system is that it is extremely low impact. The only part of the body that really takes a hit is the abss themselves, and that really is the whole point.

With this machine, casino online you will be absle to target all the necessary parts of your abdominal midsection with only one routine, making it unbelievably simple. In addition to that, most users have reported total progress in terms of what parts of the midsection became more toned. For instance, we did not see anything about a user that found that the oblique section was more toned, but the six-pack area stayed weak. This came as a bit of a surprise, for the simple fact that the lateral motion would only work the side areas. We were apparently wrong on that judgment.

Also, the Abs Circle Pro is easily stored, so you will not have a giant bulky machine in the center of the room when you aren’t using it. Before you workout, you take one minute to set it up. Then you flip on the TV (did we mention it was a quiet machine?) and then you get on with your workout. Many users have reported a ten-pound reduction in two weeks. Few devices can live up to that standard.

On Buying

If you are looking to buy the Abs Circle Pro, then simply go to the official website. The reason why we don’t say to shop around for the best price is because the only users who gave the device a five-star rating were the ones who received the customer service from the official website. Others did not receive the $14.95 trial, and they did not experience satisfactory customer service. At the end, this unit costs $149.75 in total.

At a Glance

Overall, we were quite impressed with how well this device works. Many machines cost twice what this one retails for. In addition to that, most other machines don’t produce near the affective results that the Abs Circle Pro is capabsle of. The Abs Circle Pro is extremely simple, not requiring any serious bells, whistles, and unique, exotic weights. It is a device that moves under your own power. Simplicity is definitely one of the most important aspects of any workout machine. All in all, we give this device a very high rating for its simplicity, its cost, and the results it has already given to  many a happy customer.