Ab Circle Reviews
Ab Circle Reviews

Ab Circle Reviews

It is fair to say that  ab circle reviews have in the past been fairly mixed. Some outlandish claims have been made for the effectiveness of this equipment and a lot of money has been spent on marketing and celebrity endorsements. There has been a lot of tv coverage over the last couple of years, featuring Jennifer Nicole amongst others. The advertising is very compelling.

Does the ab circle live up to the hype?

Well you are not going to get Jennifer Nicole showing off her abs on your ab circle but will it work for you?

Warnings first I think. Like any piece of gym equipment, it needs to be combined with cardio workouts and a healthy diet. In fact many of the more recent ab circle reviews do mention this. The hype is such that you could be forgiven for falling into the trap of thinking that the ab circle on its own will work miracles and there is no evidence that it will.

Some reviewers state that with the ab circle in combination with The Truth About Abs, you can achieve a flatter stomach so you may well find that works for you as well. Certainly there is nothing wrong in combining 2 or more exercise programs. You can download truth about abs program here.

So, back to the ab circle.

Historically the reviews were not good but looking around, there has been a significant improvement in them over the last 12 months .There are no recent reviews on Amazon, but on some other shopping sites, the reviews have been impressive ranging from:-

If you”re looking to lose weight & tone up this is the right machine for it “ to
I like the feel of the machine; it”s very lightweight and portable. I have been using for over 2 weeks and I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit, I believe that if you practice good eating habits and incorporate this machine into an active lifestyle it is a beneficial tool for toning.”

This kind of reinforces what others were saying about the combination approach.
The ab circle  is relatively inexpensive but could be treated as an expense if it isn’t used. Like any exercise regime, it will only work if you persevere and whilst some reviewers said that it started to work within a couple of weeks, that is probably wishful thinking as even the manufacturers say to give it six weeks.

You could be forgiven for skepticism if you read some of the older ab circle reviews,

but whilst there has been significant improvement in those reviews, there has been an issue around the knees. Some reviewers found that the equipment made their knees sore. It would seem however that that can be solved by purchasing additional padding quite cheaply or as some reviewers found, using a towel for the padding. Not all mentioned this but there might be an issue here for those with knee problems.

The ab circle comes with a nutrition guide as well which appears to have been very well received. There is a trial of the equipment if you go direct to the site which you can find by clicking the web Link below.