Ab Circle Pro Reviews
Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Why Do Some Reviews Claim This Is The Best Exercise Equipment Available And Other Reviews Claim It Is Not Worth The Price.

Nowadays most consumers turn to the Internet and read all the product reviews they can find on a given product before spending their hard-earned money on any expensive product. This is a wise move on the part of modern day consumers as it allows them to make an informed decision as to whether a product will meet their needs or not. However, many potential customers of the Ab Circle Pro are being confused by the reviews for the product.

They find themselves asking, “Why do some reviews claim that the Ab Circle Pro is a Great piece of exercise equipment and other reviews claim it is not worth the price you pay to obtain it?” The answer is simple. The vast difference in how the Ab Circle Pro is rated depends on just what group of Ab Circle Pro Reviews you are looking at.

Ab Circle Pro Advertisements Masquerading as Ab Circle Pro Reviews

When you look at the person or site where the review is posted, you will soon discover that many of the positive Ab Circle Pro reviews are written by the Ab Circle Company itself. These so-called reviews are simply advertisements for the product masquerading as reviews to get people to buy their product. This is not a new trick but, one many other companies have used as well, so its not just this company.

However, what this does mean is that you simply are not going to get an unbiased review from the company that actually makes this product. What you should really be looking at are actual customer or users reviews such as you will find on Amazon or Epinions and other such sites. However you also have to look at the age of the review. Some of the more unfavorable reviews are now more than two years old and the product itself has been updated since then.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews on Unbiased Sites

The Ab circle pro reviews on unbiased sites tell a complete different story than those on the manufacturer sites. In the unbiased reviews, the Ab Circle Pro scores extremely low. It is not that reviewers don”t like the machine. In fact, most state that the idea behind it is great and even if it doesn”t give you six pack abs, it will help to burn calories in a fun way.

Rather what earns this machine its low ratings is that it is made from poor quality, flimsy material using poor workmanship, or at least that is what they used to say. Nowadays if you look for reviews on the ab circle pro on the bigger shopping sites there is a different picture emerging and as the product continues to sell, it must be working. This is not something new to the market, here today gone tomorrow,it is now an established product in the abs market.

Some of the more recent reviews  I have found on the major shopping sites include:

“I purchased this product because it looked fun. I really like it. I can exercise and watch TV at the same time it I want.
The only thing I have found that I am not completely satisfied with is that my knees tend to want to slide out where you put your knees”


“I just ordered the Ab Circle Pro and after reading the reviews about the Knee pads not staying nor is comfortable and the wheels were loose, I went ahead and called the manufactor and they sent me another set of pads and extra wheels. They are extremely nice and gave me a great idea as far as knee pads – adhesive tape! That will hold the pads right in place!”

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Another reviewer PNThompson said

“The machine is lightweight, can be stored anywhere and is very portable. I even took mine in to work to show the ladies at my job.
You can feel your obliques working almost immediately. I also could feeel a burn in the back of my arms. This is great because they can use a good workout also.
I found the machine to be very easy to use. I like the fact that I can feel my body remodeling already (after 1 week)”

So don”t let the Ab Circle Pro reviews fool you. When in doubt, rely on the ab circle pro customer reviews as these people will give a more honest review because they have no financial gain from liking or disliking a product and only have your best interests at heart. For a relatively inexpensive price you could find that the ab circle pro is just what you need for an overall work out. The updated reviews seem to support that.